Birth Stories

Frequently Asked Questions



What is birth photography?

Birth photography is used to capture the story, connections and the emotions of your labor and the delivery of your precious baby. It isn’t clinical, cold, or “gross” like some may have come to believe. Today birth photography is now capturing the still strength of a mother in labor, the steady support of a Father caring for the woman he deeply loves and the burst of and joy, mixed with tears when your baby finally arrives!


Why should I hire a birth photographer?

You will carry and nurture your baby with your body for 9 months and you will soon, if you are not already, eagerly anticipate the moment you finally see his or her face for the very first time. It truly is one of the the most priceless moments in your life. We spend thousands of dollars on photos for our wedding day (as it should be – getting married is an important milestone), but until recently it has been discovered that many never considered documenting this other huge life milestone. Becoming parents!

Whether it’s for the 1st or the 8th time bringing a new life into this world changes your heart at an un-explainable level. That’s where I come in. I’m there to capture the excitement and all the feels. I will capture the affectionate exchanges between you and your partner as he supports you through labor, the organic emotion of delight, exhaustion, steady power, and pure joy as your baby enters earth side.

My goal is to document the story of your birth in a beautiful way that will allow you and your partner to be present in the moment and not have those memories fade over time. I am passionate about photography and documenting life.


I really want birth photography, but I’m not sure I can afford it?

I believe everyone who wants to have their birth documented should be able to regardless of budget. I do have set prices but I would love to discuss what I can do to set up a payment plan for you or work within your budget needs.


Won’t it be strange having someone else in the room while I deliver?

My birth photography approach is unobtrusive and discreet. I won’t be asking for posed photos during labor or delivery, but may ask for one posed family photo postpartum. When I attend births I know there maybe moments when I should step out to give you privacy and space. Having three kids myself, I’m familiar and not squeamish at all with the graphic nature of birth. Above all I aim to be a calming and peaceful presence in the room so that you don’t need to feel anxious about my attendance. We will also meet up for coffee or a light lunch and discuss your birth plan.


How long will you be with me during my birth?

All my birth packages include unlimited hours of coverage starting when active labor is confirmed. That’s around 5-6 cm, but if you are not receiving vaginal checks that is when contractions are steady (about 4-5 minutes apart for 1-2 hours), but are still manageable.


When should I call during labor?

As soon as possible!  Don’t wait till you are in active labor to let me know things are happening. I want to know right away when you think you are in labor – even if you just wake up and think “I feel like today could be it” – send me a text and let me know! I need to arrange child care for my children and that can take up to 4 hours to do, so on the side of caution – I would rather be there too early, then too late. Please note that in the middle of the night a phone call is preferred over a text message.


How far will  you travel for birth photography?

I will travel up to 40 miles from area code 72704.


I want a birth photographer, but I’m concerned about my privacy and the sharing of graphic images on social media or on your website.

I strive to take images that are tasteful and not graphic in nature. Usually I can get creative with angles and other people or objects in the room to block out any nudity or graphic elements of birth. However, sometimes rooms are crowded, space is small and I can’t maneuver to a different location in the room for a better angle. If an alternate angle isn’t possible sometimes I can use photo shop and post-processing to cover elements that you would rather not have in your pictures. No matter what happens, I strive to be sensitive to the couple and what your desires are. You have the final word on what pictures are shared on the internet!


What if I don’t want my photos shared on social media or your website?

Many couples who hire me as a birth photographer are excited to see a sneak-peak of their photos posted on my website or social media account. However, I completely understand the vulnerability you may feel as a mother before, during or after a session. Remember there is typically at least something that is worth being shared – even if it’s a photo of you holding your new baby after delivery. But, as mentioned you get the final say on what is shared. I will send you a handful of photos I would like to post on my blog that you will approve.


What if you miss my birth?

It is highly unlikely that I will miss your birth when I am notified with ample time. However, if circumstances prevents me from coming to your birth, that is not the fault of the client, a back-up photographer will be called to fill-in or your money will be applied toward a future session/sessions of your choice. If for some reason I miss the birth due to no fault of the client or myself (car accident, VERY fast labor, an emergency medical situation of either party) then money can be applied toward a future sessions of your choice. If for some reason I miss the birth because you were unable to get in contact with me a full refund will be given without hesitation.


How quickly will I receive my pictures?

I know how excited you will be to see a few photos of your precious new baby so I typically try and share a sneak peak of my favorite images within 2 days. After that the final edited images and album will be delivered via mail or in-person within 2 weeks.